How to Choose a Property in Turkey

How to choose a property in Turkey

What factors should you consider while choosing a property in Turkey? Don’t let yourself get carried away by a delightful house you see online or in an estate agent’s window while on holiday; instead, keep in mind some crucial practical and budgetary considerations. Here at Turkish Connextions, we offer some advice on how to locate a Turkish property.

What is your maximum budget?

Usually the first factor purchasers bring up when limiting their choice of property, followed by the location in Turkey. Will there be a trade-off between size and area? Do you want to be a drive or a short stroll from the beach? Keep in mind that other factors, such as the cost of living, taxes, and purchase fees, are just as important as the property price.

Is the property just for you and your family or will you rent it out?

Determine up front whether a property will be used only by you or if you’ll need to rent it out to pay the bills. You must give greater thought to layout, access, amenities, and seasonal appeal if you want to select a holiday property that will also appeal to paying guests in a saturated market.

Which location in Turkey do you want to buy a property?

Is being able to stroll to restaurants, a nearby shop, or the beach still important nowadays when purchasing a holiday home? Do you want to be surrounded by English-speaking people or do you want to experience local culture? The reason you are buying also enters into this: if you are travelling for longer stretches of time, practical considerations and local amenities may be more important to you.

How often will you visit your Turkish home?

Lock up-and-go apartments and villas are ideal for quick weekend getaways, and newly constructed homes on developments can provide hassle-free ownership. Will it be big enough if you want to use it as a holiday house and then sell one day? Is it designed for winter use if you want to use it all year? Some holiday homes in Turkey lack heating. Although take into consideration that most homes have dual air conditioning units which offer cool air in the summer and heating in the winter.

How will you get to your holiday home in Turkey?

This has never been more crucial when purchasing property in Turkey. Don’t want to fly? Think about places you can travel by car or ferry. How dependable and user-friendly are the ferry services? Many buyers prefer being just 90 minutes from an airport, is it worthwhile to choose a location that is accessible from two airports to give you more options?

What is the weather like in Turkey?

The weather has a significant role in holiday home selection. Do you desire winter sun? With the number of heatwaves increasing, would the height of summer be too hot for you? A warm environment can also improve health and enable an active lifestyle. If this is important, places with two seasons can offer rental yields.

Can I rent out my Turkish property?

Verify that you can rent out your home in the area and on the land before doing so. Ask your solicitor to check this for you as soon as you discover a holiday home but before you invest any money. Good legal advisors will be upfront about this. Turkey allows you to rent out your property; however there are guidelines to this and your solicitor or estate agent will let you know the procedure you must follow.

For further advice please contact us at Turkish Connextions where we will be delighted to assist you in buying your dream home.

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