Turkish Citizenship via Property Investment

Turkish Citizenship via Property Investment

In June 2022, the price to apply for property and citizenship in Turkey through real estate investment has increased to 400,000 USD.

Get ready to take advantage of the citizenship’s limitless opportunities

You and your family will have many privileges as Turkish citizens, including access to financial opportunities, free health and education services, a vibrant social life, easy travel, and many more. Applications can be submitted online.

What do I have to do to gain Turkish citizenship by property investment?

The simplest way to obtain Turkish citizenship is to purchase a house worth $400,000; there are other requirements you can also make.

Make an investment of $400,000

People who have made property purchases totaling at least $400,000 can start the application procedure by going to the Cadastre and Land Registry.

Ownership of property via 40,000 USD investments

The investor is required to invest a minimum of 400,000 USD in the purchase of an immovable property and to hold onto the asset for a minimum of three years.

After investment you must keep the property for three years minimum

The government request documentation must be created in accordance with the law. The property must be owned by the applicant for at least three years before selling.

Guidance for Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Connextions are here to assist you in your route to Turkish citizenship with assistance and helpful advice.

1st Step

Our entire portfolio of property is suitable for Turkish citizenship.

Choose the correct property or properties for you ensuring the amount totals at least $400.000

2nd Step

To reach the application step, the real estate purchase and after-sale conditions must be met.

Purchase and investment of Turkish real estate

Turkish Connextions complete your buying & investing process once you’ve picked which real estate to buy.

3rd Step

After the property purchase is complete, you can then apply for citizenship.


Investors can apply for citizenship right away after making a real estate transaction. Investors are not required to be physically present during the application procedure, which can be completed online.

4th Step

On the day the citizenship application is submitted, the residence permit will be issued.


All applicants will receive residence permits following the conclusion of their citizenship applications. However, they are free to stay overseas for as long as they like.

5th Step

The entire citizenship procedure takes about two months to complete.


We offer you a quick and simple application process for Turkish citizenship. Your passport and ID card as a Turkish citizen will arrive in around 60 days. You can then take use of all the benefits that come with it, including the ability to travel visa-free to more than 115 countries.


More than 115 nations throughout the world, including Qatar, Japan, Argentina, South Africa, and Ukraine, do not require visas for holders of Turkish passports. Even though the majority of these nations don’t require visas in advance, some allow admission with a visa on arrival or an online pass. The benefit of having visa-free travel to numerous European countries in the Schengen region with Turkish passports is also anticipated to be offered soon in the context of agreements and negotiations between Turkey and the EU.

Call Turkish Connextions today for more information. Our knowledgeable real estate consultants will get in touch with you as soon as you complete the contact form. We offer a wide range of possibilities from every sort of property during your property research period. We offer apartments, summer homes, villas, etc. A diverse portfolio is necessary for the right investment.


When you apply for Turkish citizenship, we also take into account elements like rental income and the annual increase in value of the real estate you plan to buy.


Thanks to our cutting-edge consulting service, our attorneys will assist you with all the paperwork needs and legal processes that can be difficult during the process.


How have Turkey’s approaches for obtaining citizenship through investment fared?

The simplest way to obtain Turkish citizenship is to purchase a house worth $400,000; there are other options also.

Who can apply for Turkish citizenship?

Any foreign visitor to Turkey who desires to become a citizen may submit an application. Which citizens of a nation may become Turkish citizens is a decision that each state may make in accordance with the law.

How does the citizenship application process work in Turkey?

If you buy real estate worth at least $400,000, the implementation is made. Your application will be handled if you submit it to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre during the deed transfer procedure. The Citizenship Offices in Istanbul and Ankara are the places where you can complete the remaining steps after applying for a title deed. After the date of the title transfer, your application will be finished in 3 to 4 months.

Can my family also become citizens of Turkey?

Yes, your family has a claim to the citizenship benefits you will receive as part of your application. You, your wife/husband, and any children under 18 may all become Turkish citizens.

Is it possible to purchase more than one home to meet the 400.000 USD fee?

Within your investment processes, you are permitted to acquire multiple properties with a combined worth of at least $400,000. But in order for your application to be valid, you must be synchronous. Similar to this, for the application to be accepted, the valuation provided to the Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre must be greater than $400,000.

How are exchange rates determined?

You must take into account the exchange rate used by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey when submitting your application.

How long does it take to apply for citizenship?

If all of the required documents are submitted, the outcome of the Turkish Citizenship application is known within three to four months following the transfer of the title deed.

Can I be refused Turkish citizenship?

If it is determined that the applicant does not constitute a threat to the nation’s security and all prerequisites are satisfied, together with the submission of complete and accurate documentation, the applicant may be granted citizenship.

I don’t have time to travel to Turkey. How can I do this to become a citizen?

Our office carries out all transactions as a proxy without requiring the applicant to be physically present in the nation in order to obtain Turkish Citizenship. In this situation, we provide applicants consultation services with a team of legal experts.

Can I use a property I previously purchased in Turkey to support my citizenship application now?

To gain citizenship with a $400,000 investment in Turkey, the real estate must have been bought after 06.11.2022.

When I become a Turkish citizen, do I have to relinquish my previous citizenship?

Turkish legislation permits dual citizenship. You should, however, also be aware with the policies and practices in your country of residence for this. You should find out if it is permitted in your own country because some nations do not allow dual or multiple citizenship.

Once I become a citizen of Turkey will I have to do military service?

If your family is moving while a child under the age of 18 is present, they will be required to finish their military service when the time comes. You must also prove that you have already served your country of citizenship’s required military service. We give you more specific information on people age 22 and over’s military status during the application procedure.

What nationalities are eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship?

If they satisfy the investment requirements, anyone who desires Turkish Citizenship may submit an application.

I have a disabled child who is older than 18, can they become a citizen of Turkey?

To receive citizenship benefits, your child must be less than 18. However, if your child has a condition, you can help him or her gain Turkish citizenship by providing the necessary paperwork, including proof that the child needs special care from their family.

Can we apply for citizenship while our property is still being built or paid for in instalments?

Under some circumstances, you can petition for citizenship using unfinished real estate or property bought in installments. You must put down a minimum of $400,000 in this situation. Upon your request, we will provide details regarding additional conditions and criteria.

Is having two citizenships legal in Turkey?

Yes, there are advantages to having dual citizenship in Turkey. However, several nations, such Saudi Arabia, China, and India, have harsh laws against having dual citizenship. As a result, we advise you to look into the citizenship laws in your own nation.

Turkish Connextions will be with you every step of the way on your citizenship via property investment journey.

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