What is Antalya in Turkey like?

Antalya it is one of the world's best-loved tourist resorts, with numerous five-star hotels, holiday villages and entertainment establishments. It is the fastest-growing city, where tourists from around the world come together and discover its fabulous mix of great beaches and traditional Turkish culture and modern shopping centres.

As with most of the Mediterranean, Antalya has the backdrop of stunning mountain ranges covered with pine trees, eastwards towards Side is flatter with citrus and banana plantations. The harbour is still quite traditional with bars, restaurants and markets. Yachts and boats still fill the harbour. There are a few beaches surrounding Antalya but the most popular is Lara Beach 10km from the centre of Antalya.

Beach Parks in Antalya

Kids will love the Beach Park, which features Aqua Land (a waterslide-fanatic’s dream) and Dolphin Land (home to dolphins, sea lions and white whales).

Take a stroll during the day through Kaleici, Antalya old town. The old town is filled with charm and character and features beautiful architecture and sites, it is the perfect place to get away from the busy city.

Sightseeing in Antalya

Visit the Koprulu Canyon National Park which is located in the Manavgat district of Antalya. Koprulu Canyon goes on for 14 km along with the Koprucay River, reaching a maximum height of 400m. There is so much to do here. You can go rafting along the Koprucay River and under the historic Roman bridges, you can go hiking, there is much nature and wildlife to enjoy and there archaeological sites to explore.  

Another great site is the Kursunlu Waterfalls. This is a small fall set within a cool, pine forest. Kursunlu Waterfall falls from about 10 m and forms a small pool filled with tortoises, crabs and fish. Besides taking in the beautiful view of the waterfall and its surroundings this is the perfect spot to enjoy a picnic in a tranquil environment, you can go on a walk and explore the nature and observe the animal and plant life. The area has been open to visitors since 1986.

What is Kas like in Antalya?

KAS is an attractive seaside resort that still maintains its typical Mediterranean fishing village vibe. Over the years the town has transformed into a fairly modern area, yet it still shows its traditional theme with whitewashed houses covered in bright splashes of colourful bougainvillea. Kas offers many great sites including the ancient site of Antiphellos with its theatre and ruins. One Lycian Rock Tomb in this area is the 4th-century-B.C. Lion Tomb, with two carved lion heads which can be seen as the trail passes through Kas.

What is Kemer like in Antalya?

KEMER is situated 42 km west of the city. This pleasant resort town blends in with its beautiful surrounding scenery and makes an idyllic place for a holiday. Kemer enjoys a lovely beach promenade with delightful cafes and shops offering a variety of top quality souvenirs. There is the fabulous Kemer marina leading directly to the Blue flag Kemer beach.

What is Manavgat in Antalya like?

MANAVGAT is located 72km from the city centre of Antalya. It is famous for its river that runs through it, as well as its waterfalls, all set within lush forests of the Taurus Mountains. Manavgat enjoys a beautiful landscaped riverside park which offers plenty of great restaurants, cafes and bars. A market is held here on a Monday and Thursday each week.

Antalya boasted over 5 million visitors in 2021. It is Turkey’s largest international sea side resort with a population exceeding half a million and is rapidly expanding.

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What's on in Antalya throughout 2022?

Antalya International Children's Festival - April 18th till April 24th - This wonderful event features concert performances, street games, dance genres such as folk, modern and ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, live music, a band and circus.

Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival - date to be confirmed - Enjoy live, beautiful performances in the open-air Theatre of Aspendos. The world's most prestigious ballet companies and world class opera singers have been playing at this event for the past eighteen years in the 2,000 year old Roman Amphitheatre.

Aspendos - Fire of Anatolia - June 21st till June 28th - Anadolu Atesi, also known as Fire of Anatolia is a fantastic, energetic dance troupe with over 100 members performing fast-paced dancing and rhythmic footwork combining modern dance with traditional folk dance. The performance is sure to be an exciting, exilirating specticle with amazing visuals and birghtly coloured costumes.   

International Dance and Music Festival - July 25th till July 29th - The festival will take place in Kemer. Participants from all over will come to show their talents. There will be perfomances of modern dance and folk dance, there will be dance theatre as well as rhythmic gymnastics, majorette groups and musical performances.  


Antalya Market

Markets are open around 8am until dark.

Malls in Antalya are open from 10am till 10pm every day.

Things to do in Antalya

Antalya Boat Trips

Lara Beach boat trips

Old Town of Kaleici

Filled with charm and character is the lovely Kaleici, the small and historic city center of Antalya. Stroll around Kaleici and take in many interesting sights it has to offer as well as reminders of the city’s Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman heritage.

Old Antalya Harbour

Enjoy breath-taking views the old harbour has to offer. Surrounded by cliffs, clear blue water and lovely scenery, the harbor which is now being used as a marina is worth a visit.

Konyaalti Beach

One of the two main beaches of Antalya is the beautiful Konyaalti Beach. Located on the western side of the city this fantastic beach is 7 kilometres in length from the cliffs over to the Beydaglari Mountains, has an upmarket food court, stunning surroundings, clear blue water and stretches of glorious sand.

Antalya Archaeological Museum

Located in Konyaalti, Antalya is the fantastic Antalya Archaeological Museum. It is one of Turkey’s largest museums and includes thirteen exhibition halls and an open air gallery. The museum opens daily from 8am until 5pm. (Mondays- closed)

Karain Cave

Located near Antalya is the incredible historic Karain Cave. It is the largest of Turkish caves where the traces of prehistoric human activities have been found. There is much to learn and see at this historic wonder.

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