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What is Bodrum in Turkey like?

Bodrum is located on Turkey’s pleasant south-west coast. It is regarded as the playground of the wealthy and famous and one of the most stunning areas along the Aegean Coast. Rich and renowned people now frequently travel to Bodrum. A few famous people that have become admirers of Bodrum include model Kate Moss, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, and Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. Due to this, Bodrum’s reputation is now on par with opulent hotspots like St. Tropez.

Marinas in Bodrum

It’s hardly a surprise that Bodrum has drawn so many tourists and celebrities over the years given its three yacht-lined marinas, fantastic restaurants, vibrant nightlife, excellent boutiques, and countless secret bays and beaches, where you can also discover some luxury villas for sale in Bodrum. Having said that, Bodrum is more than just noise and lights; there are so many tucked-away getaways within this little area that you will still be learning new things about Bodrum after a while.

History of Bodrum

Bodrum, which was formerly known as Halicarnassus and served as the capital of the kingdom of Caria, has a rich history, albeit recent decades have seen a dramatic change in the region’s appearance. Bodrum still has the idyllic scenery we see in tourism brochures, which is a blessing from modernity. The pictures of the gorgeous pink bougainvillea tumbling down the whitewashed cottages and into the water really are spectacular; the Castle of St. Peter dividing Bodrum’s two bays is an amazing sight!

Bodrum Castle

The castle is a steadfast tourist favourite. The castle was ceded to Turkey and a mosque was erected there during the rule of the Ottoman Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent. The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology’s collection is currently on display in many of the enormous chambers inside the castle. A 16-meter ship that sank in 1025 AD is on display in the Glass Wreck Hall of this must-visit museum along with other magnificent items. In Bodrum, sailing is a popular sport, and the marina is packed with yachts that provide day trips for excursions to remote islands and bays.

Bodrum can be a location where the old and the new coexist, luring you in with its allure. The foreign and Turkish populations in Bodrum are both diverse. Numerous well-off Turks from Ankara and Istanbul have decided to purchase vacation properties near the Bodrum Peninsula. With rigorous restrictions governing the building and growth in the area, Bodrum has an ever-changing tapestry that ensures it stays charming.

Bodrum beaches

Just outside of the city of Bodrum are some of the most beautiful beaches. The beaches of Gumusluk, Yalikavak, Ortakent, and Bagla are worth visiting.

Shopping in Bodrum

Bodrum is the ideal destination for any shopper. Bodrum has everything, including upscale boutiques and weekly markets. West of Bodrum Castle is where you’ll discover the Milta Marina Shopping Centre, which is home to a variety of upscale stores and boutiques selling designer goods and accessories. The Old Town, which is home to a wide selection of fashionable shops, is located just below the Castle of St. Peter. In the Bodrum Market, which some refer to as “super fakes” since the leather imitates the real thing, you may discover knockoffs of designer clothing, handbags, jewellery, and leather items if you’re on a tight budget.

Restaurants in Bodrum

Some of Turkey’s best cuisine can be found in Bodrum. The resort is surrounded by amazing restaurants, from beachfront eateries to dining at busier night locations. On the north side of the peninsula, at Turkbuku, there are some fantastic eateries. In Bodrum town, there are also a few lovely cafes located along the waterfront.

More than 20 tiny towns and villages, most of which lie on the coast and offer beautiful views of the sea and islands, are dispersed around the peninsula.

GULLUK – formerly a tiny fishing community today draws tourists with its charming traditional homes and an abundance of lush surrounding countryside. There are many cafes, restaurants, and fish restaurants in Gulluk that serve locally caught sea bass and bream. Along with a plethora of neighbourhood stores and enterprises, there are numerous supermarkets, hotels, and banks. The fantastic marina, Port Iasos, is situated in Gulluk Bay, in the centre of this incredibly stunning region. Enjoy the gorgeous bays, clear blue waters, and magnificent undiscovered beaches around. Gulluk offers a wide range of activities. You can go to Bargilia’s ruins, take part in the Hidirellez Festival, which celebrates spring, or go to Guvercinlik to see the wonderful dolphin show.

GUMUSLUK – The oldest settlement in the Aegean, Myndos, is located on the peninsula’s south-western coast. The ancient subterranean city is located in the protected Rabbit Island Cove area, and excavations are proceeding there. Gumusluk has a distinctly bohemian vibe and a real estate market that is fairly developed. It is widely recognised for its low-key coffee house culture and waterfront fish restaurants.

GUNDOGAN – It is a posh neighbourhood and one of the most expensive places to buy in the region. It is situated on the north side of the Bodrum Peninsula. The resort is modest and more Turkish than anything else, yet it becomes a lively resort during the summer. There is a nice beach area and coastline where you can relax during the day while gazing out to sea and taking in the magnificent ships that come into the harbour for the day or just a short while. There are a few tiny beach bars and eateries behind the beach area, just enough to meet your daily needs.

IASOS – Bodrum’s North West Coast features a stunning region with views of the Aegean Sea and beyond. Gulluk has a Dolmus bus station and a lot of taxis that you may use to get to various beaches, villages, and interesting locations all across the Bodrum Peninsula. Only a 35-minute drive separates Gulluk from the coastal town of Bodrum, which features a marina, a castle, and a wide variety of shops, pubs, and restaurants.

KADIKALESI – is a little Turkish town located between Turgutreis and Gumusluk on the western side of the Peninsula. Unspoiled and still a genuine traditional Turkish village, Kadikalesi is. The seaside is the focal point of life here. The settlement is flanked by hills covered in citrus trees, making the surrounding landscape a wonderful place to roam. Take a local bus that travels on the main route to get to Bodrum Town, which is 23 kilometres away.

ORTAKENT – can be accessed by taking a car through Bodrum’s centre. The town of Ortakent is divided into two sections: the beach area and the core business centre. In the middle between Turgutreis and Bodrum is the town of Ortakent. A weekly food/produce market is conducted on a Wednesday in a newly constructed covered market area, and a textile market is held every Friday. 3 kilometres south of the town is the stunning Ortakent Beach. To the end of the beach, you’ll locate the Ortakent-Yahsi, or if you go on, you’ll arrive at the Kargi (Camel) Beach.

TORBA – is a tranquil village that is a top choice for people looking to vacation or find a place to live. It is an area that offers tranquilly while still being close to resorts with greater energy. Torba has a lengthy coastline that is home to wonderful little hotels, a few pubs, and a few quieter, more secluded bays. There is a nice pebble beach and the ruins of a Byzantine church on Torba’s east side. Alternatively, you can trek up to the summit to find the Lelegian Tomb.

TUZLA – The Vita Park Golf Club is located near the Bodrum Airport and is only ten minutes from Tuzla. Additionally nearby is the little, traditional village of Bogazici, where you can find a nice range of restaurants as well as little boutiques and vintage tea stores.

YALIKAVAK- is a contemporary waterfront town with great investment potential because of the recently opened Palmarina Bodrum and the area’s strict zoning rules. Sunsets at Yalikavak are exceptionally beautiful. A variety of homes and flats are available in Yalikavak, including some of Bodrum’s most opulent palaces that are tucked away in the hills and have breathtaking views of the bay. The magnificent Yalikavak Beach is well-liked by families, couples, and groups of friends. There are plenty of loungers and umbrellas available at this beach, which is made up of both pebbles and sand. Nearby pubs and restaurants also provide an unlimited supply of food and beverages. This makes for the ideal day trip for everyone. In Bodrum, there is something for everyone!

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What’s on in Bodrum throughout 2024!!

Mandarin Festival – January (date to be confirmed) – The festival is held every year where people come together to try a selection of dishes with the key ingredient being the ‘mandarin’, Bodrum’s most famous fruit. 

International Bodrum Dance Festival – May (date to be confirmed) – Professional dancers from all over come together to participate in this annal festival. 

International Halikarnas Folk Dance and Music Festival – 7th June till 11th June – The festival brings together different acts from all over the world to put on a range of incredible performances of music and dance. 

Bodrum International Ballet Festival – August (date to be confirmed) – This annual festival takes place within the historic Bodrum Castle showcasing a variety of spectacular performances from talented Ballet performers from all around the globe.  

Ferries between Turkey and Greece

Bodrum to Kos:

A quick 40-minute ferry voyage connects Bodrum with the Greek island of Kos. In the summer, the service is offered twice each day. Kos is well-known for its fine-grained sand beaches, gorgeous crystal-clear waters, and rich heritage.

Markets in Bodrum

Textile market on Tuesday Clothing and bags, beds, and household goods are also available at the stalls.

Yalikavak Market Day is on Thursday.

FRIDAY: The primary fruit and vegetable market is located north of the Dolmus Station.

Things to do in Bodrum

Trips on boats

Excursions to Bodrum

Castle of Bodrum

The charming Bodrum Castle is situated with a view of the International Marina and the harbour. In addition to housing Bodrum’s outstanding Museum of Underwater Archaeology and hosting numerous Turkish Cultural Festivals all year long, the Castle is open to the general public.

Camel Beach

Camel Beach is a stunning beach that is located between Ortakent and Yashi. Despite being one of the less crowded beaches, travellers nevertheless favour it because of the beautiful scenery and surrounds. The best way to get to the beach is through a daily boat that departs from Turgutreis. Camel Beach, where there are many camels, offers enjoyable camel rides up and down the sand or you may just unwind in the sunbathing areas. This is undoubtedly a wonderful family activity day.

Kara Ada Island

The largest island off the Bodrum Coast, Kara Ada Island, is about 6 kilometres from Bodrum. The therapeutic mineral springs on this lovely island are legendary. Boats can dock at the wooden jetty, and the mineral springs are located at the other end. With the boats, you have plenty of time and the option to pay to soak in the serene thermal springs.

Turkish Baths

The Bodrum Hamami is one of Turkey’s oldest and most traditional Turkish baths. They serve everyone and are open from 6 am till late. This is the ideal location for you if you wish to take a break from sightseeing and having fun at the beach.

Bodrum Windmills

The Bodrum Windmills are situated above the stunning Bodrum Peninsula. On a ridge separating Bodrum and Gumbet, there are seven windmills. This is a fantastic location because visitors can take in not only the charming windmill sights but also the breathtaking surroundings Bodrum and Gumbet have to offer. There are two other windmill remains near the harbour and three more at Yalikavak.

The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

This amazing structure, also known as the tomb of Mausoleum, was one of the first “Wonders of the World” and has stood for more than 1,500 years, making it the longest-surviving wonder, even if only the base remains. This incredible wonder was constructed for King Maussollos of Karia as a burial tomb between 353 and 350 BC. Come and take in the splendour of this amazing ruin that overlooks Bodrum.

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