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Akbuk – Turkey

Near Didim on the Aegean Sea is the little Turkish resort of Akbuk. The distance between Didim/Altinkum and Akbuk (meaning White Bay) is 20km. Kusadasi is a mere 60km from Akbuk.

For travellers who prefer to have quiet, relaxed vacations, Akbuk is a good area to stay. It is also claimed to have Turkey’s lowest humidity level and maximum oxygen ratio. Doctors advise patients with asthmatic symptoms to visit Akbuk because of its climate.

Akbuk offers a tranquil way of living. Although it was formerly a tiny fishing village, times have changed, but the resort has managed to retain its modest feel and Turkish charm. It caters to people seeking an affordable home in a lovely beach side community close to other resorts and all amenities.

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What is Akbuk in Turkey most known for?

The air and water of Akbuk are renowned for their cleanliness. As the winds change, the sea water’s colour shifts from blue to turquoise.

Akbuk wraps around a beautiful bay. The Kiran Mountains provide a stunning backdrop for the 11-kilometre Akbuk Bay. Here, the water is shallow and immaculate. Trees border the entire bay’s seafront, and directly in front of you, the Bodrum Peninsula can be seen in all its glory. Looking north from the beach, you may see gorgeous vistas of the lush mountains that surround the settlement and bay of Akbuk. The small harbour in Akbuk, which is to the right, makes it a great area to stroll before or after dinner. Sandy coves dot the beach, which are perfect for sunbathing on warm days.

Restaurants in Akbuk, Turkey

You don’t need to leave the resort because there is a wonderful range of upscale eateries along its historic seafront, along with smaller, more local Turkish eateries, a number of bars, and stores and numerous small supermarkets. From the harbour, you can reserve boat rides or choose to pick up the morning’s fish for dinner.

Hotels in Akbuk, Turkey

New five-star hotels have opened in recent years, and another is in the planning stages. The Ramada hotel has day passes available.

Shopping in Akbuk, Turkey

Only a few tiny fashion shops are available for shopping in Akbuk. Visit Carrefour or Migros, two sizable supermarkets, to shop for groceries. Every Tuesday, a daily market is also held where a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are sold.

History of Akbuk, Turkey

Akbuk has some fantastic historical sites that are well worth a visit for history buffs. The Priene Ancient City is nearby, around 50km from Akbuk. Priene once served as a harbour during the Byzantine era. You will have the opportunity to see the 5,000-seat ancient theatre. Along with the Byzantine Church and the Athena Temple, there are the remains of a Turkish bath.

The Miletos Ancient City, located 20km from Akbuk, is another fantastic location to check out. The city was well-known for its trade, science, and art. A theatre in Miletos that can accommodate 15,000 people is 140m broad and 30m tall. Additionally, you can view the remains of Serapis Temple and the Faustina Baths here. This ancient city’s ruins have been removed and are on display in Germany’s Berlin Museum.

Are you considering retiring to Akbuk in Turkey?

Many visitors to Akbuk from large cities have decided to settle down and retire here. Although there are plans for significant growth over the coming years, the construction ban and preservation order mean that this resort will only be available to those looking for delightful vacation houses.

Some bars and restaurants have dancing available. There are nearby mini-markets and a well-known Tuesday market where you may shop for groceries. Altinkum is roughly a 20–25 minute drive from Akbuk. The dolmus, a frequent bus service, will transport you to Altinkum for a reasonable fee.


Is a simple 20-minute drive from Akbuk. Yesiltepe is a tiny, peaceful community with many private villas that is tucked away beneath the mountains. It is a tranquil region, and many people purchase here to escape the commotion of the busier resorts. The gorgeous Bafa Lake National Park, one of the largest lakes in the area, lies nearby and is only 5 km from the coast. It is surrounded by historical rocks with sculptures, ancient ruins, and churches. You can stop and eat in some charming villages that are only a short drive away.

Turkish real estate for sale in Akbuk

Because Akbuk is still a tiny resort, it offers fantastic value for the money. Akbuk is still untouched and tranquil. The bay is surrounded by lovely sandy beaches, and the views from its expansive mountainous backside are breathtaking.

It’s a great place to buy a Property in Turkey!!

What’s on in Akbuk throughout 2024!!

International Folklore Festival, Didim Fest – 23rd June till 28th June – Dance groups from all over the world come to participate in the festival and showcase their talents. The soul purpose of the event is to bring different cultures together through the art of music and dance. 

International Olive Festival – date to be confirmed – The event is held for 2 days in the Didim area celebrating the fruits of the region and features local companies promoting and selling local olives and olive oil. Great for food lovers. 

Didim Peace Festival – date to be confirmed – The festival takes place every year with the goal of promoting international relations, especially friendship between Greece and Turkey. The festival celebrates with folk dancing, boat races and a race from the Temple of Apollo to Altinkum. At the end of the event there is a music festival which takes place on the beach.  

Akbuk Markets

Tuesday: Full Market, which is located across from the main bus station and sells a variety of goods!

Things to do in Akbuk

Boat Tours in Akbuk

Visit Mermaid Boat Tours

Horse Safari

Explore the stunning countryside, woodland, and mountains on horseback for the day trip of a lifetime. You can even swim in the sea with the horse if you don’t mind getting wet. Even lunch is included on some trips.

Jeep Safari

A thrilling journey in a Jeep along mountain trails, taking in the breathtaking scenery that only nature can provide. Before continuing to explore the countryside and returning home to unwind and take in the evening sunset, there is a lunch break to replenish batteries.

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